Make a wish...

Have you always dreamed of that one special game? Is there a story you really want to experience, that no one has told yet?

The game where you fly through a forest canopy and "game over" never comes? The one where you can build your own spaceship? Or a serene one where you walk in the golden meadows and collect your evening meal from the wild herbs, to cook on an open fire? Running around in a ridiculous giant robot in the shape of a... who knows what?

Perhaps you have a vision. Endlessly rolling sand in mesmerising hues. Deep turquoise sea. Tiny lights in the mysterious darkness. Something outlandishly colourful.

What about sounds and music... Birds calling from the the whispering trees. Deep calm drums. A medieval tune. Fabulous gritty synthesizer pieces with a real drumset.

Or it could be that you have an amazing idea to add to an existing game.


The Great Forest Studio wants to amaze and delight you. Share your thoughts and fantasies here.